House Restumping

Inner Form

Sometimes a little touch-up is all a house needs to stay strong and presentable for a long time. That’s why H Frame Building offers special care in house restumping. We replace the stumps in a way that strengthens a building’s foundation and makes it more weather resistant as well as durable.

Why do you Restump a house?

Reblocking or restumping a house is one of the first steps when you are planning to do remodeling or extension of your home. Besides, there are some facts that indicate your house needs restumping. They are-

  • Your home is a minimum of 30 years older, and you need to renovate it.
  • Floors are becoming uneven, or the surface of the wall starts to crack.
  • Your house is built on highly moisturized soil.
  • The foundation of your house begins to smell.
House Restumping

How Much Does It Cost?

Restumping a house cost basically depends on different variables. Check out the following points to learn about them.

  • The size of the whole property
  • The number of stamps that we install
  • Type of soil and stumps
  • Additional services based on the situation

How Do We Complete Our Tasks

After getting a request, we go through a planned way for conducting house restumping. Here’s what we do –

  • At first, our expert team visited the site and created a report on the overall situation.
  • Then we create a solid plan based on that and decide the budget.
  • After that, the physical work starts, and within the proposed time, we make your home better and safer than before!

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